Portland Prawn Pot
fishing for prawns and catching shrimp

Suitable for small Prawn and Shrimp

now discontinued new shape/new version coming shortly

This Prawn Pot features

Portland Prawn Pot fully welded Galvanized Steel Frame


Prawn Pot welded in rugged polyethylene 
		mesh funnel entrance

Side view showing welded in rugged polyethylene mesh funnel entrance.

Prawn Pot top showing welded plastic mesh construction

Top view of prawn pot showing the welded steel attachment loops positioned at an angle to allow easy stacking.

Prawn Pot, shrimp trap steel galvanised Base

View on the underside showing the galvanized steel base. The rivets secure the bait box.

Prawn Pot, shrimp trap Ruggedly Constructed Hinge detail

The hinge detail of the Prawn Pot showing its permanently attached rugged construction.

Prawm Pot open Showing Bait Box

The hook on its elastic cord is easily undone to empty the catch and access the bait box on the base of the shrimp trap.

Prawn Pot, shrimp trap Bait Box Showing Opening Lid

Prawn Pot bait box has a hinged lid held in place by shock chord to allow easy replenishment.

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This prawn pot (shrimp trap) may not meet North American or Australian fishing regulations.